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Finnish Constitution Act, Article 10 §8 (everyone’s right to private life is guaranteed) Penal Code, Chapter 24 Article 3 (concerning acts of calumny) Coercive Measures Act, Chapter 5a §3 (preconditions of telecommunications monitoring) Protection of Privacy and Data Security in Telecommunications Act §18(1) (police right to obtain identification data) Personal Data Act §48 (identity and defamatory announcement on websites) Personal Files Act §§43,44 (data protection offense of the publication of sensitive information concerning sexual behavior on an internet server) Exercise of Freedom of Expression in Mass Media Act §17 European Convention on Human Rights, Article 8: respect for private and family life The Council of Europe, Committee of Ministers Recommendation No. 13 (1995) (computer related crimes) European Committee on Crime Problems, Convention on Cybercrime (1 July 2004) (procedural powers and identity information) Cooperation against Cybercrime (1 April 2008) (guidelines for the cooperation between law enforcement and internet service providers against cybercrime) General Assembly Resolutions 55/63 (4 December 2000), 56/121 (19 December 2001) (combating the criminal misuse of information technologies) European Parliament and the Council of the European Union directive 2006/24/EC (15 March 2006) (data in connection with publicly available electronic communications) Case Summary:: A 12-year-old boy was the target of an advertisement of a sexual nature on an Internet dating site.

The advertisement, posted without his knowledge, included his name, year of birth, detailed description of his physical characteristics, a photo and telephone number (only one digit off from the correct number).

Context: I have experience working in Oman and as a result am comfortable with the culture and speak a little Arabic. The salary and perks are better, but I do not know what to expect.

I liked working in Oman, the students for the most part, were a pleasure to teach and the lifestyle was great (scuba diving, sailing, etc on the weekends).

For instance, Tsinghua University, located in Beijing, was founded in 1911; it offers 51 Bachelor’s programs, 139 Master’s programs, and 107 Doctoral programs.

Higher education in Asia is not limited to large cultural centers.

Brunei, occupying just over 2,000 square miles, is home to the University of Brunei Darussalam.

Included are digitized versions of print catalogues - some searchable, some available for download, some not - and electronic catalogues of varying complexity supporting search and browse.Court Reasoning: The Court declared that “both the public interest and the protection of the interests of victims of crimes committed against their physical or psychological well-being require the availability of a remedy enabling the actual offender to be identified and brought to justice.” The lack of a criminal sanction that could be applied to the current case was a serious problem, the Court said, because “[t]he act was criminal, involved a minor and made him a target for approaches by pedophiles.” Article 8 of the Convention not only protects against government interference, but also imposes positive obligations to secure respect for citizens’ private lives.The Court emphasised that children and other vulnerable individuals must be entitled to State protection, in the form of effective deterrence, from such grave types of interference with essential aspects of their private lives.The child complained to the European Court of Human Rights that his right to respect for his private life had been violated (Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)) and the the State had failed to provide him with an effective remedy (as required by Article 13 ECHR). The issue before the Court was whether the State must require internet service providers to disclose the identity of a private user who posted information about a child – without their consent – on a website that made him a target for paedophiles.The Court unanimously held there had been a violation of the applicant’s privacy contrary to Article 8.

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There are over 4,400 accredited colleges and universities in Asia.